Q Plug®

Stabilized Rooting Media

6” x 4” Grow Block


Q Plug is the key to maintaining a clean growing environment. It is specifically designed to germinate seedlings or to root cuttings. Q Plug has been engineered so that you may transplant or handle your plants at any stage.

  • Product #: Q6X4BLOCK
  • Plug Dimensions: 6″x 6”x 4”
  • Plugs per case:36, 12 ( 6X4” Strip Only)
  • Cases per Pallet: 24
  • Available Dibble Sizes: 3”x3”x3”
  • Recommended Tray fitment :- – –


Q Plug is an all-around propagation plug designed for any style of growing system. Your Q Plug can be transplanted into loose mix, row crop or incorporated into most any hydroponic, aeroponic or aquaponic application. Q Plug is engineered to maintain its shape throughout the life-cycle of your crop with minimal slouching of material to not only make it one of the cleanest plug options on the market but reducing costly expenditures in maintenance of clogged filtration systems.

The porosity Q Plug provides to the root zone can help in stronger root development for healthier plants and increases in yield.

The 6” x 4” Grow Block Plug works as a stepping stone system out of propagation and in correlation with our 3”x 3” Grow Block. The 6” x 4” Grow Block features channels to allow water flow in a gutter style system or flood table and is porous enough to be able to wick to your plants root zone. The 6” x 4” Grow Block features an insert hole that will accept our 3”x 3” Grow Block with a few different depth options to allow your 3” Block to seat higher or lower  (¼” or ¾”).

The 6”x4” Grow Block is also featured in a Strip which will accept 3 of the 3” Grow Blocks at one time.

Stop wasting your time and money with a messy loose mix. Q Plug is pH balanced and ready to use right out of the box.

See why your favorite grower uses the IHORT brand. Proudly made in the USA.

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