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Silvaculture and Forestry

Roots, Roots, Roots, that’s what it is all about. A tree is no better than its roots. The quality of a mature tree is only as good as its roots were when it was a seedling.

The IHORT Q Plug and the Excel plug are made for easy handling and strong plant growth. Either of the IHORT plugs, combined with the our knowledge of trays and desired root growth, are designed to give the industry the perfect combination to obtain straight, evenly branched lateral roots. The IHORT system of growing can be used either for planting into the field or they can be used for a plug-to-plug system. Use any form of automation you wish. The Q Plug will work with any combination. IHORT has all sorts of custom trays and plugs we manufacture for individual companies. Give us a call for any custom sizes of plugs or trays.

Plug-in-Plug or for planting straight in the ground. The Q Plug and the new Excel Plug are revolutionizing the forestry industry. 

Growing in containers is nothing new, but using a plug-to-plug or a plug-to-field grown to promote better root growth is really unique. Our goal is to help you grow a better tree, but the top growth doesn’t mean much if the tree’s roots are not correct. Let us help you improve your seedling and cutting programs.