Excel Plug®

Quick-Start Pre-filled Trays

72 Deep Excel Plug Tray


The IHORT Excel Plug is a softer and less bound plug offering. Designed to mimic loose soil but still held together enough to maintain its shape outside of the tray. A deeper cell 72 tray option for a variety of crops.

  • Product code: X1072DEEP-BX
  • Cells per tray: 72
  • Cell Dimension (in.): 1.5” W x 2.375” H
  • Perimeter Trim (in.): 10.875 “x 21.25”


The deepest volume 72 cell tray option we offer. Increasing your production numbers without sacrificing plant health. Utilizing a tray with larger cell volume can increase the time your plants can harden within that cell, producing a stronger plant at transplant and can help reduce transplant shock.

Deeper cell trays can accommodate a variety of crops from ornamentals, cannabis/hemp and even certain tree varieties. The 72 Deep Excel plug tray is a great all around tray to help make your job easier!

Available in bulk and case quantities.

Retail Kits that feature a bottom carrying tray, cell tray filled with plugs and shrink wrapped in a nice package for those customers not quite ready for a full pallet. Ask your local hydroponics store for the IHORT brand by name.

Made in the USA.

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