Excel Plug®

Quick-Start Pre-filled Trays

36 Deep Excel Plug Tray


Excel Plug is a softer and less bound plug offering. Designed to mimic loose soil but still held together enough to maintain its shape outside of the tray. The 36 Deep Excel Plug features a Deep cell to help harden your crop!

  • Product code: X1036DEEP-BX
  • Cells per tray: 36
  • Cell Dimension (in.): 1.75” W x 3.25” H
  • Perimeter Trim (in.): 10.9 x 21.4


Deep cells sell! The 36 Deep Excel Plug tray meets all the needs of growers who are looking for a larger cell but in a higher populated tray. Increase your production in the same footprint with the 36 Deep Excel Plug tray. Great for crops that require more time in the cell before transplanting. Growers in climates with shorter outdoor seasons where a hardened plant can mean life or death of your crop love the 36 Deep Excel Plug.

Available in bulk and case quantities. Made in the USA.

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