Excel Plug®

Quick-Start Pre-filled Trays

144 Excel Plug Tray


The IHORT Excel Plug is a softer and less bound plug offering. Designed to mimic loose soil but still held together enough to maintain its shape outside of the tray. The 144 Excel Plug Tray features and octagonal cell shape to reduce root spiraling and to assist in dislodging your rooted plug.

  • Product code: X10TO144-BX
  • Cells per tray: 144
  • Cell Dimension (in.): 1.09” W x 1.50” H
  • Perimeter Trim (in.): 11.05“ x 21.38”


The 144 Excel Plug Tray is a great option for seed starting or for soft-tissue cuttings. Considering the 144 Excel Plug Tray is one of our smaller cell tray offerings, the unique octagonal shaped cell can help in removing the plug from the tray once rooted.

This octagonal cell shape will also help guide roots downward and prevent root twisting.

Available in bulk and case quantities. Made in the USA.

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