Excel Plug®

Quick-Start Pre-filled Trays

128 Excel Plug Tray


The IHORT Excel Plug is a softer and less bound plug offering. Designed to mimic loose soil but still held together enough to maintain its shape outside of the tray. The 128 Excel Plug Tray is a higher density plug tray with enough cell volume to harden your plants before transplant.

  • Product code: X10TO128-BX
  • Cells per tray: 128
  • Cell Dimension (in.): 1.25” W x 2” H
  • Perimeter Trim (in.): 11.05“ x 21.38”


Our 128 Excel Plug Tray features a 2” deep cell to handle most any crop from seed or cutting. Allowing your crop enough media to establish a healthy root structure prior to transplant can make or break your crop. Hardening a plant off will reduce transplant shock and take you to harvest faster. More harvests per season can increase revenue for your operation.

Let the 128 Excel Plug Tray help you succeed.

Available in bulk and case quantities. Made in the USA.

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